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Filming in Reunion Island

The European Cinema & TV production Hub in the Indian Ocean & Africa

With more than fifty projects benefiting from funding each year, Reunion Island is a major European production centre in the Indian Ocean, in both volume and investment.

 Established in 2001, the Regional Council’s grant for film and audio-visual creation aims to provide both French and foreign productions with funding during the different phases of project creation. Thus, the grant fund reached €3 million in 2012 and has helped more than 480 projects since its inception, for a total of over €14 million. This regional fund contributes to 35-40% of local spending.

Reunion Island Film Commission

The Regional Council and the French government have entrusted the Agence Filme Réunion with the implementation of a dynamic policy to provide support to cinema, audio-visual projects and new media in order to promote diversity and emerging artists. This policy is committed to producing films from their creation all the way to their distribution to the general public.

The agency offers its services free of charge, including :

Informing you about shooting and post-production facilities in Reunion.

Accompanying you in requests for funding, from the moment your applications have been submitted to the committee.

Helping you in finding technicians, actors and extras.

Looking for decors and assisting location scouts.

Providing logistics support and ensuring the liaison with tourism professionals for accommodation, air transport, production offices, car rental etc.

Administrative procedures : Assistance in obtaining permits for filming, ATA Carnet, temporary work permits for international co-productions, etc.

The responsibilities of the Agence Filme Réunion are the following :

• Providing information to project leaders

• Assisting the completion of funding applications presented to the Regional support fund for cinema, audio-visual, multimedia and clips.

• Providing a facility which hosts film productions in Reunion, centralizing information and updating databases : decor, local technicians, service providers, production companies and partner institutions.

• Responding to all requests for information about filming in Reunion.

• Ensuring the island’s promotion.

• Providing support and monitoring work for authors, professionals and companies within the sector.

• Promoting the professional sector at overseas trade fairs and festivals.

• Showcasing Reunionese talents on a national level, across the Indian Ocean area and internationally.

• Contributing to the employability and professionalism of local technicians.


Genres receiving assistance : Feature Films, Short Films, One-off documentaries, Series of documentaries, TV Fiction, Series, Pilot Episodes for series, Clips, Online documentaries, Animation, Multimedia and Video Games.

The Agence Filme Réunion and the Regional Council of Reunion also offer support for writing, development and preparation. We support your projects from the early stages of writing, all the way to production and post-production.

Local expertise : More than 150 skilled technicians / a pool of 500 artists and extras. Several film shoots have taken place in our region, all benefiting from quality hospitality and expertise of local professionals. Service providers and quality facilities are also designed to provide the tools and resources to meet your needs.

There are more than fifty specialized production companies in all areas : executive production, feature films, documentaries, TV drama, animated films, recordings...

The island’s landscape : with its varied scenery and cultural

melting-pot, Reunion Island is an ideal place to shoot films.

Reunion offers an endless variety of accessible landscapes available across an area of ​​2500 km². 40% of the surface area has World Heritage status, and Reunion offers a wide variety of easily accessible sets across an area of ​​2512 km² : volcanoes, deserts of red sand, tropical forests, waterfalls, caves, authentic villages, plains, beaches, underwater settings, natural amphitheatres, mountain peaks, Creole heritage... There are cloud forests, subtropical rainforests and moorlands, forming a mosaic of ecosystems and remarkable landscape features. This array of natural scenery will enable you to recreate India, China, Normandy, Hawaii, the red sand deserts of Mars, South America, Africa etc.

The island has several film studios and extensive modern infrastructure to satisfy your production needs.

The CICA - ‘Tax Credit for Film and Audio-visual Projects’ : (concerns coproductions)

The CICA tax credit now benefits audio-visual production companies which are subject to corporate income tax and who also act as assistant producers. The amount of tax credit granted is equal to 20 % of eligible costs, up to a maximum of €4,000,000. The tax credit is calculated at the end of each fiscal year.

The C2I-TRIP – ‘International tax credit’ : (concerns international productions)

This concerns the cinematographic or audio-visual works of fiction or animation whose production is initiated by a foreign company whereby either all or part of the production takes place on French or Reunionese soil. The C2I is granted to the executive producer in charge of managing the filming or production of the work in Reunion and France.

The tax credit can reach up to 20% of :

- salaries and wages of Reunionese, French or European writers and performers, as well as their related social security costs ;

- salaries and wages of Reunionese, French or European employees, as well as their related social security costs ;

- expenses related to the use of technical industries ;

- spending on transportation and catering ;

- depreciation costs.

 The C2I-TRIP may be granted to productions generating spending of a minimum of €1 million in Reunion and across France and, for works of fiction, at least 5 days of filming. This amount can reach €10 million per production.

Reunion Island benefits from co-production agreements between France and the following countries :

ArgentinaAustria, Algeria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, EgyptFinland, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, GuineaHungary, India, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Ivory

Coast, Korea, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico...