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The Pitons, cirques and remparts of Reunion Island site coincides with the core zone of La Réunion National Park. The property covers more than 100,000 ha or 40 % of La Réunion, an island comprising two adjoining volcanic massifs located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean. Dominated by two towering volcanic peaks, massive walls and three cliff-rimmed cirques, the property includes a great variety of rugged terrain and impressive escarpments, forested gorges and basins creating a visually striking landscape. It is the natural habitat for a wide diversity of plants, presenting a high level of endemism. There are subtropical rainforests, cloud forests and heaths creating a remarkable and visually appealing mosaic of ecosystems and landscape features.

Film permits are in general free in Reunion Island.

Film permits are required for film-related activity, commercial film, video or still photo shoots that are conducted on public property such as roads and streets, sidewalks, or in parks, beaches or public buildings.

A film permit is not required for shoots on residential or private property where there is no impact or film-related activity on public property. It is also not required for individuals filming or video taping only for their own personal or private use, for employees of print or electronic news media when filming on-going news events. 
Principally concerned with location filming as opposed to filming within a studio, the permit processes are designed to manage all location filming on public property as well as filming activity on private land which may impact on public property or the use of public amenities. 

This includes (but is not limited to) activities that : 

- interrupt traffic on municipal roads
- interrupt pedestrians on sidewalks
- require wires or cables running across or over sidewalks or municipal roads
- require the use of generators, tripods or dollys on sidewalks or municipal roads
- impact on public use of, or access to public parking areas, community facilities, beaches, public open spaces and nature reserves under Reunion Island Forest & National Park’s management
- generate noise and air pollution 
The Film Permit Office in each City Hall in coordination with the Agence Film Reunion and the Reunion Tourism Board (IRT) will facilitate and co‐ordinate the application for the staging of film shoots and liaise with the relevant departments from the start of the application/enquiry to the end of the film shoot.